Anna Grueter

Anna Grueter is a founder at ReignDesign.


  1. How many of your employees have green eyes? How many of them have a family history of cancer?

    Why should we care what gender your employees are?

  2. Hey there,
    You don’t have to care one bit, but we’ll post stuff that we believe is noteworthy.

    And in the tech world, be it in universities, tech jobs or conferences – women are still so scarce that it seems to be something noteworthy.
    98% percent of when being asked what my job was, in my life, when I replied that I was a developer, i got a shocked face and mostly it didn’t stop at that, people commented about it too. All the time.
    I think thats crazy too, (why do they care about my gender there?) but that’s how it is.

    Now if all you’re saying is, why do I need to read about your team on this blog, then that’s just what we’ve always been doing: Check this out.

    Now why do I need to care about the length of the moustaches of my coworkers? Why are they only men! Maybe I should join Movember this year too. Who cares.

  3. What an amazing crew is that. I do not care so much about why woman’s percentage is more , i care about you have 10 people form 7 different countries. Thats the point. i justadore your workers i hope i will have a chance to having a working place like that international mixture. Just awesome.Do you need somebody from Turkey ? = )

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