Where’s the cheapest place to buy an iPhone/iPad/MacBook Air?

Photo: Shanghai Apple Store (Pudong) Source: http://www.apple.com.cn

Being a team of iOS developers and Mac users, it’s no surprise that we have a good number of shiny Apple devices around the ReignDesign office. As much as we love using them, they’re not exactly cheap so we’re always keeping an eye out on where the cheapest regions are to buy Apple products.

We’ve long assumed that one of the most inexpensive regions to buy Apple products would be in Hong Kong, but wanted to test this. So, we took a peek at some prices in a few select regions for the following devices: iPhone 4, iPad 2, and MacBook Air.

Note: All prices are for the low-end, base model of each device. Prices all converted to USD and do not include sales tax.

First we took a look at the iPhone 4. As suspected, Hong Kong is definitely the cheapest with Germany and Australia being the priciest.

Some similar differences with the iPad 2 – again Hong Kong comes out the cheapest, and Germany and the UK being the most expensive.

… and similar costs with the MacBook Air as well, this time the UK taking the top spot for priciest region.

Moral of the story? Buy your iOS devices in Hong Kong or North America!

Stephen Ceresia

Stephen Ceresia is Marketing Manager at ReignDesign. Stephen is from Canada and is currently based in Shanghai.


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