What non-ReignDesign apps are we using?

At ReignDesign it’s no secret that we’re all pretty hooked on apps. While a day doesn’t go by where you’ll see one of us using our own apps, we thought it’d be fun to put together a list of some other non-ReignDesign apps that we use:



I use 3 apps everyday:

Instagram (Free) – You can share your photos and make some special effects on them, but I mostly just find some interesting people follow them. For example, one user from Korea takes photos of alley cats everyday – he’s has even published several books about them. Another interesting user is a Japanese girl who take photos of beautiful flowers everyday. Another is someone who is in love with the sky…

微信 (Free) – This app is similar to Talkbox, but supports QQ along with some other additional functions. It is more popular in mainland China. You can find users who are close to you, and add them to your circle and talk to them. For example, if you are interested in some guy or girl sitting near you in Starbucks, you can open 微信 to see if he/she is online. It can be really good for people who are looking to meet that special someone… though i am just using it to talk to my friends outside of Shanghai!

Sina Weibo (Free) – Often referred to as “China’s Twitter”, it’s more of a Twitter meets Facebook wall, supporting graphics and animated .gif images in the stream.


Wunderlist (Free) – Task manager/todo list app that lets you create, share and synchronize todo lists. It works on multiple platforms (web/iOS/android/win/mac) and it has a nice design. http://www.6wunderkinder.com/wunderlist/

Pretty Pet Salon (Free) – Insanely cute and addictive game, playing it everyday it’s like a guilty pleasure thing.

reddit is fun (Free) – reddit client for Android, minimal interface and fast, good for browsing reddit while not on WiFi.



MazeFinger Plus (Free) – It’s really fun!

OvenBreak-Infinity ($1.99) – This game is very entertaining, has a nice interface, and good design.

Coin Dozer (Free) – I was really hooked on this game before! Simple, but a ton of fun.



Kindle (Free) – I love books. And like any good bibliophil I would have bet my best bookends that reading on an iPhone never be anything other a miserable experience. But I live in a country where many books I’d like to read simply are not available. So after no small amount of soul searching, I decided to hold my nose and bought my first Kindle book. Two years later I find reading actual paper books… jaring. When the books are on my phone I always have them (all of them) with me, I finish them faster, and all my notes and annotations are accessible anywhere. And it surprised me how much I love that last feature. I don’t write in books. It has always felt… sacrilegious. But now that simple note feature has cemented the Kindle as my primary reading application.

GoodReader ($4.99) – Usability-wise, GoodReader is rough around the edges. But it allows me to treat my iPhone like a portable hard drive, letting me store (and access) almost anything on it through iTunes’ File Sharing. Great for when I want to move media from my work computer to my home computer and consume it on the way.

Chinese-English Dictionaries – There are a lot of them, and none are perfect. But I can’t imagine learning the language without an iPhone and my myriad of language tools. It would be a feat just too great for my little linguistically challenged mind. Five years ago I would need a two pound dictionary and 15 minutes to look up a obscure character on a street sign. With my iPhone I can translate a paragraph of text, add new words to my flashcard app, and look up example sentences all while waiting for the morning bus.


Two examples of apps I use a lot which have much nicer interfaces than the web equivalents:

Reeder ($2.99 iPhone/$4.99 iPad) – Syncs with Google Reader for reading news+blogs via RSS. Beautiful understated interface. It’s much more pleasant to read articles within the app rather than go to the original garish webpage!

OnTheFly (Free) – Intuitive flight search. The company who made it (ITA software) were recently acquired by Google.


These are the apps I use everyday:

Pudding camera (Free) – I love taking photos and this app gives me more fun to do it. It provides many filter options choices like Fish eye, Lomo, vintage, and more. http://lifeinlofi.com/2010/08/20/pudding-camera-review-and-description-nearly-a-hidden-gem/

Burger Queen ($0.99) – It is a simple game that make burgers. But it is so addictive and challenging!

Tiny Tower (Free) – I fell in love with these little guys! I can make my own tower and people who have their own dreams and style. It is a modern version of Tamagochi (a game I was never allowed to have).

Kakao Talk (Free) – Provides photo sharing and simple chat functionality.


My favourite apps change on an almost daily basis, but here are a few that I’ve liked long enough to keep on my homescreen more than a week:

Tweetbot ($2.99) – Twitter clients are a dime a dozen on the App Store, but Tweetbot made by Tapbots is really great. It has a beautiful interface that manages to balance the not-so-easy task of being unique and innovative, while still adhering to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

NFB Films (Free) – Watch over 1000 films and animated shorts like this one produced and/or funded by the National Film Board of Canada.

Poppy games (Free – $0.99) – Japanese indie developer Poppy has a bunch of simple, cute and fun retro-styled iOS games that are perfect for quick sessions between metro stops. Speaking of metro

Groove Coaster ($2.99) – Legendary game developer TAITO released this rhythm game that is a bit of a cross between cult-classic Rez (speaking of which, why hasn’t this been ported to iOS yet?!) and some of the better iOS music games. Oozing with psychedelic style and occasionally brutal difficulty, no iOS device should be without it.


What are your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments!

Stephen Ceresia

Stephen Ceresia is Marketing Manager at ReignDesign. Stephen is from Canada and is currently based in Shanghai.

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