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pigrushjpWe recently noticed that sales of our newest game Pig Rush were doing well in Japan, so we commissioned a Japanese translation of the game description.



  • 渓谷に落ちない様にジャンプ!
  • 山火事は避ける様に…
  • 火事から身を守るため防火服をゲットしよう!

ピッグラッシュは素晴らしいグラフィックにキャッチーな音楽と音響効果で楽しむゲーム。– 一度プレイし始めたら止められない。グローバルハイスコアボードに君のベストスコアを送信し、世界ランキングをチェックしよう!



Thanks to the wonders of Google Translate, we can translate (badly) back into English!

IPhone’s guaranteed to be addictive platform game! Let’s adventures lent power of farmers fled Janpi pig! During the journey Janpi deep valleys and forest fires, the ground work encounter. Survive long enough Janpi can run faster. And up to the level of the enemy! Can you help the pig? 10 out of 10 the reviewer who called it the iPhone is the pig’s favorite game.
Control system very simple: tap the bottom of the screen is a low jump, high jump and just want to tap the top of the screen.
* Jumps like falling in the valley!
* Avoid like wildfire …
* Get your clothes to protect themselves from fire to fire!

Piggurasshu game with catchy music and sound effects to enjoy the great graphics. – Can not stop playing once you get started. Best of Gurobaruhaisukoabodo send you to, check out the world ranking!

You’re gonna love!

You’re gonna love indeed! Download Pig Rush now!

Matt Mayer

Matt Mayer is a founder at ReignDesign. Matt is from the UK and was based in Shanghai for ten years. He is now living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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