Welcome the latest member of the ReignDesign team…


I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to the latest addition to the ReignDesign crew. Say hello to Nabby! Nabby is a Nabaztag, a hackable robotic rabbit. She comes equiped with an audio system, 5 powerful LED lights, and a set of moving ears. Not to mention a dead-simple web API to interact with her. Did your last hire have all that?

To make it easier to interact with her, we whipped up a little javascript wrapper to cover all the API methods. Now its dead simple to make nabby dance anyway you’d like. Here’s a couple simple examples:

var nabby = nabaztag(sn, token);//sn and token are given when you buy a rabbit
nabby.speakEnglish("Hello");//nabby can speak multiple languages

nabby.audio("");//or can play internet radio for you

//but seriously, what good is a team member if they can't get down
nabby.dance().leftEar("75","1").go();//move the ears
nabby.dance().topLED("FF0000").go();//flash the top LED's red (that's a hex value)

//how about something a little more complex - chain it up

//chain them all together
 nabby.dance().speakEnglish("Time to party!")

Can I get the source already? Sure! Its right here.

Let me know what you think in the comments – API changes/additions or if you found a bug.


Like the rest of the RD crew, she’s a little quirky but we like that 🙂

Happy hacking!

Todd Cullen

Todd Cullen is a founder at ReignDesign.

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