The Future of Work

Matt interviewed Forbes blogger Kavi Guppta on the Future of Work at the 7in7 conference in Bangkok

Technology is changing the way in which we can choose to work, not only where but what we want to do, when we want to do it, how we want to do it and it also allows for companies to look beyond the local confines of a region and hire better talent.

Opinions don’t matter as much as evidence, in fact, evidence should always trump opinions – so I often talk about how can companies can pilot small programs. Don’t go too big, don’t go too fast. Government has a habit of doing things way too big and failing and getting a lot of flak for it.

You can read the full article at Techsauce

Matt Mayer

Matt Mayer is a founder at ReignDesign. Matt is from the UK and was based in Shanghai for ten years. He is now living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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