ReignDesign announces the opening of their international office in Santiago, Chile

ReignDesign-ChileWe are pleased to announce the opening of our first international office in Santiago, Chile for the South American region. ReignDesign is a multicultural software design agency. We specialize in the design and development of mobile applications particularly for Android and iOS.

After reviewing different markets around the world we decided to start with South America. We see the region as an interesting emerging market, and we feel that Chile will be a great place to work. Aside from finding good talent, there is a great startup scene, a stable economy, reasonable costs, and nice weather.

From January 1, Juan Claudio Lopez will be our first international Business Development Manager, working as the Country Manager in Santiago. He was ReignDesign’s Business Development Manager for almost three years in Shanghai, China. Juan Claudio is thrilled to be back in Chile, and he is looking forward to finding new clients and to introducing the ReignDesign brand to South America.


Juan Claudio Lopez

Juan Claudio Lopez is Business Development Manager, South America at ReignDesign. JC is from Chile and is currently based in Santiago.

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