ReignDesign and announce Beacon partnership in Asia-Pacific

Starting in June 2015, ReignDesign and have entered into a strategic alliance to create more business opportunities together in Asia-Pacific, particularly focusing on the booming markets such as China, Singapore and Malaysia etc. ReignDesign are‘s first priority software production partner in China. is a leading global provider of Beacon hardware and software services for all mobile platforms. They have opened a new frontier of proximity context technology with beacons.

ReignDesign has successfully delivered iBeacon solutions to brands in China like Nike. By combining beacons with other mobile technologies, ReignDesign has created complete solutions for clients in the retail and automobile industries.

If you are interested in iBeacon technology, and how best to bring it into reality, feel free to contact us at

Ming Liu

Ming Liu is Business Development Manager at ReignDesign. Ming is from China, spent time in Sweden, and is currently based in Shanghai.

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