Spot the Difference! 3 built with Corona SDK in one month

SHANGHAI, CHINA – September 1, 2011 – Mobile developer ReignDesign today announced the release of “Spot the Difference! 3”, the third installment in its highly successful “Spot the Difference!” puzzle series on Apple’s iOS platform. The first game in the series took nearly four months to complete, while the sequel was produced in less than a month by rewriting the game using the Corona game engine.

“Since the launch of the original Spot the Difference!, many users have been asking us for native iPad and Android versions so cross-platform development was always a key goal with this latest release”, said Stephen Ceresia, QA and Community Manager of ReignDesign. Project Manager Juan Claudio Lopez added, “After investigating all of our options, we decided to rebuild the game from the ground up utilizing the Corona SDK framework. We developed Spot the Difference! 3 simultaneously for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android handsets and tablets in less than one month – the original took nearly four.”

ReignDesign’s previous Spot the Difference! titles have been downloaded by millions of users and have seen considerable success in the iOS App Store. The original in the series was ranked the #1 Kids and Puzzle game in the UK.

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Tessa Wong

Tessa Wong is an intern at ReignDesign. Tessa is from the US and is based in Shanghai.

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