Pig Rush Coloring Contest – the results!

A few weeks ago we launched our Pig Rush coloring competition for a chance to win one of our awesome Jumpy soft toys. We were really impressed by your beautiful entries! Here are your awesome pictures: scroll to the bottom for a list of winners!

First up we have a colorful gem with a wide array of diverse colors surrounding Jumpy.  These sharp, squiggly colors remind us of all the deadly obstacles that Jumpy has to overcome everyday.


The team thinks the green hat is a great addition to Jumpy, it really suits him (we tried adding the green hat to Jumpy but you guys rush and jump so fast it kept falling off!).



We loved this colorful masterpiece! The rainbow colored pig was a great idea. BTW, is that smiley face blushing?


Simply brilliant. Although this picture may not be the most extravagant, its soft tone and bold outline makes it one of the most aseptically pleasing entries. In the words of Einstein; simplicity is genius!



We sense some professional artwork has gone into the wind effect. The way the blue sky is drawn makes us feel as though theres a strong wind blowing over jumpy’s head- a great piece of artistic skill!



Fantastic attention to detail used on the face of Jumpy here. It almost looks like streaks of bacon inside Jumpy’s face! We also loved the huge flower and the pretty sun, overall a very well drawn picture!



This drawing looks super professional! The different shades of tone used in the grass, the sky and on Jumpy makes it one of the best drawings of pig art we have ever seen!


Gangsta pig! A well drawn picture with a great gangsta theme. With a propeller hat and loads of money, this pig is a high flyer. This has got us thinking about a special gangster pig update….



The rising/setting sun makes this picture one of beauty. The artist has captured the two best times to play PigRush: 1) in the morning as you start your day and get your brain active, and 2) in the evening when you relax after a hard day and treat yourself to a game.


The quality of entries was extremely high but only one could be pigtorious…

This entry captivates the essence of Jumpy rushing through the levels and never stopping! A truly great idea and one which fully merites a 5 star pig rating!


Congratulations to all the entries that made it into our top 10. Many of you have fantastic artistic talent so we wish you the best of luck in your future artistic careers and, of course, in your future PigRush games! 

If you see your name on this list, please email us at support (at) reigndesign (dot) com to claim your Jumpy toy! If you’re not on the list, don’t worry, we’ll be running more contests in the future!

Danielle K.

Veronica M.

Severin E.

Tina C.

Madeline C.

Betty C.



Brendan McManus

Brendan McManus is an intern at ReignDesign. Brendan is from the UK and is currently based in Shanghai.

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