Obscura – Belgian lingerie brand launches iPhone app

La Fille d’O, an exquisite lingerie brand has been using social networks to promote their products for a long time. But due to the mature content of the brand, their Facebook page has been deleted many times for its explicit nature, that comes with promoting underwear. What to do? La Fille D’O together with the agency Famous had the brilliant idea to develop an iPhone app that lets you do just that:
Upload and censor your own images yourself – and then proceed to upload them to the major social channels, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/tumblr.

As Murrielle, founder of LFD’O puts it (with the personal + poetic voice of LFD’O) : “The application is like a soap coat, to free you from the grabbing hands of social media‚Äôs dubious rules of purity. Everyone knows the mere sight of a nipple is a no-go online. This allows you to rewrite those rules.”

Strike. This is how a iPhone app (& a hit-back from a social media giant) can be used as a marketing tool – at it’s best. Download and learn from the lovely Murrielle Scherre, who knows a thing or two about how to market a brand with new media while staying true + personal to it since 2003.

Anna Grueter

Anna Grueter is a founder at ReignDesign.

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