Merry Christmas!

Hello there!

Since Christmas is almost here, I wanted to give my colleagues a special gift. And drawing is what I do best – since I am a graphic designer, so I decided to do a Holiday version of each of us. Since we’re in three different countries, I thought this would bring us together for the holidays. In the past, I’ve observed everyones behaviour and quirks, so I used this to create a special red and green ReignDesign.


Merry christmas_Alex


Merry christmas_Andreas


Merry christmas_anna


Merry christmas_april


Merry christmas_Fluxa


Merry christmas_Jason


Merry christmas_JC


Merry christmas_Matt


Merry christmas_ming


Merry christmas_sherry


Merry christmas_sinae


Merry christmas_Tuo






I would like to wish everyone a joyous and blissful Christmas and a new year filled with joy, peace, and prosperity! May 2015 find you happier and more caring for all humankind.

With warmest wishes,Shinae.

Shinae Kang

Shinae Kang is Associate Creative Director at ReignDesign. Shinae is from South Korea and is based in Shanghai.

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