Lunch deals around the ReignDesign office (Park Space) area

We like to think that we here at ReignDesign have a pretty good idea about where to find all the best lunch deals within walking distance of Liyuan Road and Mengzi Road. Here are a few that we frequent:

Yolota Noodle House 友乐达台北精致面馆(卢湾店)
I think everyone at ReignDesign has been here dozens of times (maybe more) and probably tried everything on the menu. Yolota offers good Taiwanese style soup noodles, and some great side dishes at reasonable prices.
Per person: 20-40 RMB

Bistro Cafe
How can you go wrong with a 28 RMB lunch set? Your choice of soup or salad, tea or coffee, and a great selection of beer and wine (extra) if it’s a Friday. There is a nice selection of mains that rotate every week, but April highly recommends the beef rice set and chicken rice set – healthy and tasty.
Per person: 28-50 RMB

Top Chef
From the ashes of a coffee shop called Le Financier that had great coffee and always a DVD of Friends on repeat comes “Top Chef”, a quasi-upscale restaurant featuring an interesting selection of Western dishes. Great lunch deals, and nice staff.
Per peson: 50-70 RMB

Lanzhou La Mian noodle shops
These noodle shops run by Muslim families are all over the city and all very similar, but consistently good and an amazing bargain. I tend to frequent the one at the corner of Liyuan Road and Jumen Road; the restaurant is big, clean, has plenty of seating, the owners are super nice, and the la mian (or ‘pulled noodles’) are extra great.
Per person: 10 RMB or less

BigEye Noodle house大眼面馆(鲁班路店)
On the crossing of Luban Road and Liyuan Road, this restaurant offers baozi and shengjian. Because of the cheap price and great taste, it can get pretty crowded at lunch time, so don’t go there between 12:00 and 13:30 if you want a guaranteed seat!
Per person: 10-15 RMB

Xingyun Restaurant行运港式茶餐厅
A Hong Kong style restaurant next to 7-11 that offers 烧腊, dim sum, fried rice and 煲仔饭, milk tea, and other Hong Kong specialities. They also have lunch sets, a good selection of Chinese staples and traditional Chinese soup for 22 RMB.
Per person: 20-50 RMB

And here is an awesome map to help you find these locations, courtesy of Shinae (click to enlarge):

In or know the area and think we missed something? Let us know in the comments!

April Fan

April Fan is the Quality Assurance manager at ReignDesign. April is from China and is currently based in Shanghai.

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