Introducing Speeding Ticket: Speed through your Uservoice support tickets

We’re please to announce Speeding Ticket, ReignDesign’s newest iPhone app. It’s designed for companies that use Uservoice HelpDesk to respond to customer support emails.


Small businesses which offer products and web-based services online, often get hundreds of support requests via email and their website. Uservoice simplifies the process of replying to these support requests.

It turns the emails and messages into “tickets”, and then staff members can reply to tickets, including sending “canned” responses and assigning certain tickets to specific users.

ReignDesign wanted to make a faster way to deal with tickets. So, we created Speeding Ticket. Our iPhone app allows you to quickly work through a backlog of tickets using swipe gestures to quickly close tickets, reassign them, or send a canned reply. This saves businesses time and money, and allows employees to focus on the tickets which require more detailed attention and a personal response.

Speeding Ticket is fully customizable. You can select gestures, like swiping up or down, to assign tickets or swipe left or right to delete a ticket.



We’re excited to see what you’ll be able to do with Speeding Ticket. You can download the app today from the App Store.

Got suggestions on how to make Speeding Ticket better? Get in touch!

Sherry Smith

Sherry Smith is Marketing Manager at ReignDesign. Sherry is from Mississippi and is currently based in Shanghai.

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