How can Artificial Intelligence be used to improve chatbots?

Chatbots are used on a variety of platforms, from Apple and Facebook to websites purely for recreational purposes. With the world becoming progressively technological, these systems are likely to be placed in every setting possible and innovative designs for their programming will be in high demand. What can society do in order to improve chatbots and provide users with a better experience? Turning to AI (Artificial Intelligence) may be just what we need. 

What Is an AI? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intellect displayed by machines that closely resemble human/animal cognitive abilities. It has been applied in social media platforms, business, and other ventures. Not to mention there are constant research projects aiming to improve its efficiency. 

Can AI Dramatically Improve Users’ Chatbot Experiences? 

Chatbots are usually programmed to answer inquiries based on keywords. A good example of this would be a document retrieval system: when asked a question, this system will recover information associated with a keyword. However, it is incapable of recognizing the context in which keywords are used and may have trouble distinguishing natural speech, which can lead to user frustration. 

With the addition of an AI, chatbots will be able to provide users with a more “human-like” conversation and better accommodate people’s questions and requests by distinguishing the context and content of their words. This will lead to reduced hindrance, increased proficiency, and faster results, thereby improving users’ experiences. AI will allow chatbots to be a more feasible customer service portal and create more opportunities for use in our society. 

Can AI Chatbots Create Better Customer Relations? 

Chatbots are able to take people’s questions and answer them with the speed and neutrality that real people often lack. It will not get irritated when a user makes too many inquiries, it’s available 24/7, and does not need to put a customer on hold because of a crowded line. This can no doubt boost relations with clients and enable a smoother-running customer service system

A Brief History of AI Technology

Ramon Llull (1300 CE) is thought to have been the first person to consider AI technology. He pondered the idea of developing a machine to perform logical reasoning. From thence, history shows records of mathematicians and philosophers contemplating mechanical reasoning. 
The study of AI, however, did not begin officially until 1956, when Dartmouth College students began their revolutionary AI research in one of the school’s workshops. The programs they developed were proving logical theorems, speaking English, winning game checkers, and solving algebra word problems in a way that the press could only describe as “astonishing”. By the 1960s, even the U.S. Department of Defense saw the study as substantial and started funding it greatly. 

Though its examination is still underway, AI technology has improved tremendously and is now at a level where it can be considered for societal application. People may soon encounter AI chatbots at a mall or while contacting a helpline. The world is moving towards a more futuristic state and AI chatbots are sure to be involved.

Thanks to Timur Kadirov who has written a Russian translation of this article.

James Zhang

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