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LeiPing brochure & businesscard

LeiPing, originally from Sichuan, has been successfully running her own business as a masseuse and skincare specialist here in Shanghai for over 8 years.

How can we help small-size entrepreneurs in a way that enables them and their business to reach out to new markets?

We took a short break from our usual work and designed a brochure and business card for Lei Ping. This allows her to build her brand, and find new clients, Chinese and foreign alike.

It was good to step out of our daily routine and design for print for a day. Now, back to apps!

If you want to schedule an appointment, please contact Lei Ping at 136 3632 6672, or connect with her on WeChat (Jessicaleiping).

One small catch, she only treats women.

Lei Ping brochure LeiPing business cards


Andreas Sundgren

Andreas Sundgren is the Creative Director at ReignDesign. Andreas is from Sweden and is currently based in Shanghai.

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