Game Review: Snail Mail

游戏里面的主角是一只非常可爱同时速度非常快的蜗牛,蜗牛的任务就是在宇宙中各个星球之间传送邮件。这款游戏主要考验你的反应能力,游戏中,需要面对各种 各样的障碍,稍不留神就会粉身碎骨,路上坏人也很多,不过会有很多道具,可以加血,升级武器,武器可升级到火箭弹,能打死更多的敌人。游戏的画面是3D场 景加2D动画渲染,游戏中速度感很强。

(This game’s protagonist is a very cute but very fast snail whose task is to send mail to various planets all over the universe. Snail Express really tests your ability to react quickly while facing a variety of obstacles, and it’s very easy to lose. There are a lot of enemies, but luckily also a lot of power-ups which add health and upgrade your weapons (for example, upgrading to the rocket allows you to kill more enemies.) The graphical style is 2D animation with additional 3D rendered scenes added creating a strong sense of speed in the game.)

You can check it out here on Android:

There is also similar game on the App Store called Snail Express:

Lillian Jiang

Lillian Jiang is a designer at ReignDesign. Lillian is from China and is currently based in Shanghai.

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