From bytes to beats, Digital to Analog Conversion using AS3-Arduino


Probably the simplest DIY way to create your own Digital-to-Analog Converter using the Arduino‘s Pulse Width Modulation output pins.

– But, what’s Arduino?

Arduino is the most flexible and easy-to-use open-source prototyping platform that allow us to interact in multiple ways with software/hardware by writing intuitive and easy to understand C/C++ based code.

– OK. Sounds cool, but why would I need a digital to analog converter?

Maybe you wouldn’t but, this example could be the base to understand how to transfer digital data from an application in order to interact with the real world using a very simple approach. It can be used in different environments in many fields like robotics, music, design, etc.

– Interesting!, let’s start this.

1. Data flow – Serproxy.
In order to transfer data from AS3 to Arduino we need to proxy the data using a local server. I used a very simple tool called Serproxy which is a multi-threaded proxy program for redirecting network socket connections to/from serial links. In our example we will use the AS3 socket connection to send data out to the Serproxy server port which will route the data package to the serial port which Arduino is listening.
Serproxy has a configuration file which lets you set-up the port configuration you want to connect through.

A basic serproxy configuration file to work with Arduino.

# Config file for serproxy
# End of file

If you are running serproxy on linux you should add the following configuration line:


Where /dev/ttyUSB0 is the path of the Arduino USB device in your system.

2. Socket connection – AS3
As I mentioned before, we’ll use the AS3 Socket class ( to connect and send data to the proxy port we set in the serproxy configuration file.

public class MySocket
	private var hostName:String = "localhost";	
	private var port:uint = 5331;
	private var socket:Socket;
	public function MySocket()
		socket = new Socket();
		socket.connect( hostName, port );


	public function send( outData:int ):void
		socket.writeByte( outData );

With this simple class we can easily connect and send data out to the port as we see here:

var mySocket = new MySocket();
mysocket.send( 255 );

3.Digital to Analog – Arduino
As we already have our data-byte out from the application and correctly routed to the Arduino board, is time to put our hands on the Arduino code in order to catch the data and convert it to an analog signal: Voltage.

The Arduino program can be divided in three main parts: structure, variables and functions. The structure run in 2 parts: 1) setup(): always at the top of the program, is where we set the pins and initialize the communication. 2) loop(): the execution, where we read inputs, trigger outputs, etc.

– Let’s see how it works.

int voltageOut = 9;

int led = 13;

int note;

void setup() {


  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(voltageOut, OUTPUT); 


  //Blink led to indicate setup is done

  for( int value = 0; value <= 3; value++ ) { digitalWrite( led, HIGH ); delay( 300 ); digitalWrite( led, LOW ); delay( 300 ); } } void loop() { if (Serial.available() > 1)


    note =; 


    analogWrite( voltageOut, note );

    //Blink led

    digitalWrite( led, LOW );

    digitalWrite( led, HIGH );



As we can see in the code, at the very top of this, we declare the variables we are going to use. Let’s stop here a bit and analyze them:


 var voltageOut = 9;

where 9 is the number of the physical pin on the Arduino board, we are selecting this pin because it has a “PWM” mark on it (Pulse Width Modulation), which means, we can send modulated pulses through it. By changing (modulating) the width of the pulse we can control the voltage is being sent out. This is the simplest Digital to Analog conversion type and we’ll let us to make the “data-byte to analog-signal” transform.

 int led = 13;

Pin 13 is a built-in LED on the board we are going to use to get visual feedback.

The next section of the code is the setup block, here we initialize the serial communication at the same speed we set the serproxy configuration before (57600 baud)


We set the pin modes to output (we need to write data out)

pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
pinMode(voltageOut, OUTPUT);

Finally we blink the LED a couple of times to indicate setup is done.

digitalWrite( led, HIGH );
delay( 300 );
digitalWrite( led, LOW );
delay( 300 );

The command digitalWrite let’s us to write a value HIGH or LOW to a digital pin, when the value is set to HIGH its voltage will be set to 5V, when the value is set to LOW its voltage will be set to 0V (ground).

The loop function does precisely what its name suggests, here we constantly read the Serial port buffer and each-time that there is data available

 if (Serial.available() > 1)

we proceed to read it

 note =;

and then we make the conversion by sending it out to the pin 9 with the analogWrite command.

 analogWrite( voltageOut, note );

The second argument in this command (note in our example) is a value from 0 – 255. 0 corresponds to 0 volts, and 255 corresponds to 5 volts. Every change of one point changes the pseudo-analog output voltage by 5/255, or 0.0196 volts.

This example cover the basic Software-Hardware data transfer and Digital-to-Analog conversion using AS3-Arduino, there is an infinite number of practical application for this technique, one example is the CVAirSequencer application which uses the same technique to outputs control voltage signals to control the DIY Analog SoundLab Synthesizer.



Juan-Manuel Fluxà

Juan-Manuel Fluxà is a founder at ReignDesign. Fluxà is from Chile and is currently based in Barcelona, Spain where he heads ReignDesign's European operations.


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