Discovering drawing men with mustaches with Lillian

For the new update for our kids’ app Monster Chorus, Lillian had to create an illustration of the farm in the song “Old McDonald”.

This was the first version that we did of the facial hair of the farmer. As here in China one doesn’t meet men with striking mustaches on an every day basis, we did a little research.
We found the differences between classical Hungarian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Austrian mustaches, as well as the stock-photo version of old-man-with-mustache, and a few unique cuts and styles.

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After studying several pictures of men with mustaches intensely, we revised our version of the facial hair of old McDonald to come up with these two versions:

Which of the mustaches do you like best?
Want to see which one made it into game? Check out Monster Chorus for iPad on the App Store! The new update will be available for iPhone too.

Anna Grueter

Anna Grueter is a founder at ReignDesign.

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