Crash the Crib released to the App Store!

Crash the Crib

ReignDesign partnered recently with Red Rocket Games to help develop their latest iPhone/iPod Touch game, Crash the Crib.

Description from Red Rocket Games’ website:

“Hollywood… Southern CA. Smug celebrities flaunting their wealth in our faces like there’s no tomorrow. That’s where YOU come in; take your modern-day siege engine and obliterate the lifestyles of the rich and famous! Load your Junk-Chucker with quality ammo: paparazzi, lawyers, groupies, and obnoxious sports cars. Leave a trail of destruction, mayhem, and depressed B-list celebrities in your wake.”

Crash the Crib is a ton of fun, and smashing these so-called stars’ cribs with your trebuchet is even more fulfilling than it sounds.

Check it out on the iTunes App Store, on sale now for $0.99!

iTunes App Store Link

Stephen Ceresia

Stephen Ceresia is Marketing Manager at ReignDesign. Stephen is from Canada and is currently based in Shanghai.

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