China Mobile phone tips: check your pre-paid balance and data usage via SMS

If like me you’re one of the China Mobile’s 628 million subscribers, the following tips may come in handy:

Check your pre-paid balance

Time to top up!

If you use a pre-paid SIM, you can check your balance at any time by sending an SMS with the text “ye” to the number 10086. In a moment you should receive an SMS reply with your pre-paid balance.

Check your data usage

Yes, my data limit is ridiculously low. You may mock me.

If you have a data plan, you can send an SMS with the text “1091” to 10086, and you’ll receive a reply stating how much data you’ve used and how much is remaining.

Stephen Ceresia

Stephen Ceresia is Marketing Manager at ReignDesign. Stephen is from Canada and is currently based in Shanghai.


  1. Hey!
    Thanks for the great post. Checking my balance worked with your tip, but i cannot check on how much mb i got left for the rest of the month. Did they change the code or something?

  2. i purchase a china mobile sim in biejing n recharge the card but its still not calling n in case of dail the number then they say that u r over due. its not sending sms even.
    someone help please

    1. No, but even if you don’t read Chinese, it should be reasonably obvious, the number in the message that looks like a price is the amount 🙂

  3. I have doubts that the amount in the SMS is up-to-date. I have been using data for the last few days but the balance stayed the same. It’s impossible because I even used Google Maps which eats it. I have found the same thing last month too when the balance shows the same amount for awhile and then suddenly dropped a bunch.

  4. Send 111 to 10086 to get your balance , send 192 to 10086 to get your data usage ,
    Send to 10086
    33 to add 10 MB internet ,
    3310 to add 70 MB internet ,
    3320 to add 150 MB internet ,

  5. how to cancel the data plan with China Mobile?

    I have 300 MB package for which they deduct Rmb.20 per month. I want to stop this

  6. “YE” respectively “101” works fine for me to get my balance. “1091” doesn’t work. But i can buy a data plan with “DJB[*amount*]”, like “DJB20”. You will get the info about the data plans with only “DJB”.

  7. The problem is that i do not understand Chinese and when i translate the message through Bing Translate it shows some value which is in millions of dollars and i almost have a heart attack every f*****g time.

    If possible can you help me translate this in proper English (Anyone maybe).


    1. Hi maybe I can help you with it, this is the translation below, please see in brackets:
      您好![Hello!] 截至本月17日12时,[Until 17th of this month, 12am]您实时话费77.90元,[your voice call bill is RMB 77.90] 当前账户总余额为133.10元,[current account balance is RMB 133.10] 其中通用余额为15.10元,[including RMB 15.10 on general balance]未返还余额为118.00元,[unredeemed balance is RMB 118.00] 已使用移动数据流量511.58M。[used data is 511.58Megabytes] 上月月结账单总额0.00元。[bill for last month is RMB 0] 当前累计积分0。[accumulated 0 point] 1、超级网聊39套餐(升级版):[voice plan for RMB 39.00] 剩余55分钟;[remaining 55 mins for voice] 2、超级网聊39套餐(升级版):[voice plan for RMB 39.00] 剩余0K;[remaining 0 for data] 3、30元500M国内流量包(超级网聊39套餐内含): [RMB 30 for 500MB plan (included in voice plan for RMB 39.00)] 剩余0K;[remaining 0 for data] 如需以下服务,请直接回复序号:[if you want service as below, please reply service code]

      hope this could help

  8. I want to check the validity and balance of my prepaid China sim. Is there any possibilities for me to get the message in English as I don’t understand chinese

  9. Hi , if the balance negative and you are abroad that means your china mobile not working , how will you learn balance . ( already add money from wechat 3 times but still number not working )

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