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Making a WeChat Mini Game: Part 2 – Mini Games versus Mini Programs

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WeChat mini games sound very similar to WeChat mini programs, but there are important differences to understand. A mini game is NOT just a mini program which happens to be a game. In fact, the Mini Program rules explicitly disallow game and quiz-type content in mini programs: 6.2. WeChat Mini Programs must also not contain any …

Making a WeChat Mini Game: Part 1 – Background

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Making a WeChat Mini Game

I can remember attending GDC China in 2009 and one of the keynote speakers stating earnestly that “mobile games were a waste of time because they didn’t monetize” – that the real opportunity was to build social games on Facebook which could leverage a user’s social graph. The speaker was of course completely wrong about …




所谓聊天机器人,就是专为人机对话设计的一个电脑程序,通过收发信息可以进行会话。可以应用于各种主流讯息平台,包括Facebook Messenger、微信、Line、Kik, 甚至手机短信。聊天机器人在很多领域中已被公认为是未来良好客户服务的楷模。在整个市场环境下必会引起不小的波澜。 作为一个精明的营销者,或许已经开始享受通过合理运用聊天机器人带来的便利了。2017年,我们见证了各大品牌纷纷改变套路使用聊天机器人的趋势。现在距离2018年已不到一个月,让我们和大伙儿一起预测下明年的发展趋势。看看聊天机器人在2018 年会有哪些更广泛的应用。

Opportunities for using AI chatbots to enhance customer service

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a level of intelligence possessed by machines, including robots equipped with human-like cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving. Many may fear a future with super intelligence, but others revel in the possibilities. AI can be used to help people like never before. One such way is by enhancing chatbots. Forrester …

What’s WeChat?

You may have heard of it, “It’s like the Chinese WhatsApp, isn’t it?”. That’s maybe the best description for people who don’t live in China, but here WeChat is more than just a messaging app. It’s well known that there are some differences between Chinese tech culture and the Western one and WeChat is the best practical …

The Future of Work

Matt interviewed Forbes blogger Kavi Guppta on the Future of Work at the 7in7 conference in Bangkok Technology is changing the way in which we can choose to work, not only where but what we want to do, when we want to do it, how we want to do it and it also allows for …

ReignDesign is coming to Bangkok!

In 2016 ReignDesign will open a new office in Bangkok, the dynamic capital of Thailand. This will be our fourth global office, after our current offices in Shanghai, Barcelona and Santiago. ReignDesign already operates as a distributed organization. Our designers and developers work remotely across the globe, and we heavily use tools like Basecamp and …