Can you Spot The Difference?

If you have been listening outside our office recently, you may have heard phrases like this:

“I can finish in thirty seconds!”
“Come on, it’s so tiny! How do you expect me to find it?”
“I can’t see ANY difference!”
“My girlfriend loves this kind of game”
“Done!!! I told you I’m superman!!!”

Of course, we’ve all been busy testing our new iPhone game: Spot The Difference!

You probably know how it works: two pictures, side by side, with small differences between the two images. Many people love this kind of game, even if you don’t often play computer games. Just tap on the screen where you see a difference, before the time runs out!

Some major features of ReignDesign’s “Spot The Difference!”:

  1. Easy to play, easy to continue, easy to afford (just $0.99 on the iTunes App Store).
  2. Nice interface and friendly touch actions.
  3. 50 levels with 5 difficulties. You can play for a month and still can see something new.
  4. There are 6 differences for each level. Some are easy and some others are very challenging!
  5. Cool sound effects and special visual effects.
  6. Save your personal high scores. Can you break your record?
  7. More cool features and additional levels coming later!

Download Spot the Difference now and have fun!

Black Qin

Black Qin is a founder at ReignDesign.

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