Briefs Encounter: Introducing Spot the Difference! Bikinis

spotdiffbikinisWe wanted to keep you a-breast about our newest app Spot the Difference! Bikinis which is now available on the iTunes App Store (download link). It’s our third version of the popular iPhone game, after  Spot the Difference and Spot the Difference! World Tour … and it’s our hottest version yet!

What’s more, everyone who plays has a chance to win a brand new Dell netbook! Read on for details…


You can touch as much as you want, the girls won’t mind 😉

Here are some of the other women featured in the app.

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The levels are organized into five difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Tricky, Hard, and Evil. Did we mention prizes?

Beat an evil level and you can enter our prize draw to win this great Dell netbook! But it that’s not the best thong thing!

  • Beat an Evil level on both World Tour and Bikinis and you’ll be entered into the drawing not two times but four times!
  • There’s a new drawing every month and, if you haven’t won, you’ll automatically still be in the next draw!

Win this laptop

Visit the competition page for full details, then download Spot the Difference! Bikinis

Matt Mayer

Matt Mayer is a founder at ReignDesign. Matt is from the UK and was based in Shanghai for ten years. He is now living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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