ReignDesign 6 months retreat

2009年8月21日-8月23日,ReignDesign举行了半年一次的公司会议,议题主要是对以往工作的总结,以及对公司未来的工作等等进行一系列的规划。 经过大家的讨论,地点选在“上有天堂下有苏杭”的苏州,这里我已经迫不及待的要为大家展现我们这次有着特殊意义的苏州之旅了。 下图为21日早上前往苏州的动车组上,开心的瞬间

Can you Spot The Difference?

If you have been listening outside our office recently, you may have heard phrases like this: “I can finish in thirty seconds!” “Come on, it’s so tiny! How do you expect me to find it?” “I can’t see ANY difference!” “My girlfriend loves this kind of game” “Done!!! I told you I’m superman!!!”