An unexpected side effect of long meetings

Menger Sponge 1Since we mostly work with clients remotely, I have a lot of teleconferences and Skype meetings. I tend to get fidgety, so I started making Business Card Menger Sponges using old name cards with our previous office’s address. A Menger Sponge is a kind of 3D fractal, or, in layman’s terms, a fun cubey thing.

So far I’ve made two level 1 Menger Sponges, or 1/10 of a level 2 Menger Sponge. Each one takes about 90 minutes to make. Any suggestions for naming these guys? So far I got Rubik and Q*bert.

By the way, that’s our administrative assistant Bonnie in the second photo. Hi Bonnie!

Menger Sponge 2

Nicholas Kruse

Nicholas Kruse is a founder at ReignDesign.


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