A new ReignDesign identity

When it was time for us to create a new website, we decided to renew our complete ReignDesign identity.

We wanted to divide the company’s image into two as well, one for our in-house developed apps and games, and one for our client work.

This felt necessary as it has often been a cause for confusion… what do we do here really? When explaining our firm’s enterprise development expertise to a bank , a casual game for toddlers doesn’t fit the portfolio and in other situations, it does… so to solve the problem we are now ReignDesign and Reign Games.

While looking sophisticated, the old logo was simply not memorable, abstract swooshes representing an R and a D. What was memorable though was the orange color which stuck out from our business-cards.

The goals for the new RD identity are as follows:

1. To be inline with the evolution of the ReignDesign identity. In other words, not be too drastic of a change. ( see the previous 2 identities below)

We use a warm yellowy orange tone and use the same font as the previous logo. The business-cards have one side yellow – just like the old ones.

2. To have a connecting element between the ReignGames logo and the ReignDesign logo. This is the crown. The potato king of the ReignGames logo wears the same crown that appears in the ReignDesign logo. Both still use the name “reign” for which the crown stands as a symbol.

3. And most importantly, to represent what the company is today. We want the new identity to show our high quality standards, look sophisticated yet with an personal touch, a quirkiness and sense of humor, something that reflects our team.  The logo does not pretend to be anything else than what we are: a tech company  –  it is simple, clear, humble and friendly.

Here are a some of the ideas that we explored as part of the design process:

Anna Grueter

Anna Grueter is a founder at ReignDesign.

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