ReignDesign and announce Beacon partnership in Asia-Pacific

Starting in June 2015, ReignDesign and have entered into a strategic alliance to create more business opportunities together in Asia-Pacific, particularly focusing on the booming markets such as China, Singapore and Malaysia etc. ReignDesign are’s first priority software production partner in China. is a leading global provider of Beacon hardware and software […]

On Visual Hierarchy

What is Visual Hierarchy and why it’s important? Designer’s job is not only making something beautiful but also arranging the content clearly and making an interface work well so the user never get lost. And that is possible by creating visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy is the organization of items on an interface. It is so […]

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything

In any software project, a plan is out-of-date the moment it is written. Imagine: we plan out what features we want to implement for SuperAwesomeProduct for the next 6 months. But then: requirements change, new technical challenges emerge, Bob is sick, the new iPhone 7HD is launched, we decide to remove an entire module, our […]

ReignDesign attending TechCrunch Shanghai

Matt, Jason and Andreas will be attending TechCrunch Shanghai on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th June, and guest-blogging for Technode! As a global entrepreneur gala, TechCrunch Shanghai 2015 aims to build up an opened platform to gather together the most talented startups, medias, venture capitalists and those who have passion on Internet Industry & Startup […]

Curtis Hayes joins ReignDesign

Curtis joins ReignDesign as a project manager. We’re extremely thrilled to have Curtis as part of the team. Curtis is a true Brooklynite who has spent the last 14 years in China. Curtis must be the ideal PM: With years of experience as a developer himself, he knows what it takes to be the link […]

Jason Wong joins Reign Design

Jason is ReignDesign’s new Interface Designer.  Jason grew up in Los Angeles and later moved to Seattle where he studied both design and psychology. Since then his tireless work ethic has seen him practicing design in all media: graphic, industrial, web, video, and motion graphics.  Jason ran a small design consultancy in Seattle for two […]